Case Results

Kirk v. State

Mr. Abels represented Mr. Kirk at trial. He moved to exclude certain evidence including text messages recovered from a cell phone and hearsay statements of a witness. The trial court denied these requests, but because of the record Mr. Abels set up, the appellate court reversed the trial court and held such evidence should not have been admitted resulting in the reversal of a conviction for a B felony dealing in a controlled substance for the client.

Moss v. State

Mr. Moss was charged with carrying a handgun without a license as a Class C felony alleging that he carried a gun on his person and that he had a prior felony conviction. Mr. Abels convinced the court to reduce Mr. Moss's prior felony conviction to a misdemeanor and then moved to dismiss the Class C felony charge, asserting that Mr. Moss no longer had a prior felony conviction. The trial court disagreed with Mr. Abels, but upon interlocutory appeal, the Court of Appeals agreed with Mr. Abels and ordered the trial court to dismiss the C felony charge against Mr. Moss.