Case Results

Gun Charges

Mr. Abels represented an individual on felony gun charges. He researched, prepared and filed a motion to dismiss the charges based on the facts of the case. The trial judge initially denied the motion, but Mr. Abels assisted the client in taking the case up on interlocutory appeal. The Court of Appeals sided with Mr. Abels, reversing the trial court judge and ordering the trial court to dismiss all felony charges for the client.

Domestic Violence Charges

While representing a client charged with Invasion of Privacy related to an ex-wife, Mr. Abels researched case law on the subject matter, conducted depositions, prepared the case for jury trial, and on the eve of trial, after citing the applicable case law to the prosecutor, he convinced the prosecutor to dismiss all charges against the client.

Drug Dealing charges

Mr. Abels represented an individual on drug dealing and gun charges. The client faced up to fifty years in prison on the charges. Mr. Abels thoroughly investigated the defendant's case, took it to jury trial and beat the lead charges. The individual's went from facing up to fifty potential years in prison to facing as little as two years in prison at sentencing.

Forfeiture Cases

Mr. Abels assisted a client in a case in which police seized a very large sum of cash from client that he had sent in the mail. After a hearing in front of the judge and presenting case law on the issue to the prosecutor, Mr. Abels convinced the prosecutor to return all the money seized to the client.

In another, case Mr. Abels represented a couple whose car had been seized by the police after their daughter was arrested on drug charges. The couple hired Mr. Abels and they took the case to trial and successfully argue the case to the judge resulting in the judge ordering the vehicle to be released to the client.

Specialized Driving Privileges

Mr. Abels assisted a client whose license had been suspended for life as a result of three prior drunk driving convictions. He helped the client acquire and present significant evidence of rehabilitation and convinced the judge to order driving privileges for the client despite his prior offenses.